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Maintenance Schedule

Long 'l'ripil I igli no 3.- Definition

Long 'l'ripillighway Intervals

Follow this maintenance schedule oniy if none ofthe conditions from the Short TripiCity Maintenance Schedule is true. Do not use Ihis seheduie it‘ Ihe vehicle is used for trailer lowing, driver] in a dusty men or used off paved roads. Use the Short TripiCity schedule for these conditions.

Driving;r e which n'iiii' nifiiiiy n-‘amim' engine innit-r irigirn'uy :‘undiiians muses engine of! m break down sinner.

Every i500 Miles {12 501} km}: Engine Oil and Filter Change {or every 12 months. whichever occurs first i. Chassis Luhriealion {or every 12 months. whichever occurs first]. Tire Rotation.

Every 30,091} Miles {50 llfli} km}: Air Cleaner Filler Replacement. Fuel Tank. Cap and Lines inspection.

Every Sflfifll} Miles {£3 {Hm km}: Automatic Transaxle Service {severe conditions only J.

Every 60,000 Miles {lflll lint] km}: Engine Accessory Drive Bell Inspection.

Every was!!! Miles “H: 000 km}: Spark Plug Wire lnspecfion. Spark Plug Replacement.

Every 150.00“ Miles [240 [lfll] km}: Cooling System Service {or every 60' months. whichever occurs first}.

These infer-rat's uniy sinnnim‘r':e maintenance services. Be .nn'r iofaii'mt' inc {'rmipiere maintenance .fi'iiednie an! ineihi’imring pages.

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