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Air bags inflate 1with great three. faster than the blink nl' an eye. If yuu‘re Iim time In an inflating air bag. iI muld seriously injure yuu. Safety belts help keep you in position before and during a crash. Always wear your safety hell. even with air bags. The driver should sil as l'ar heck are pflfifilbll' while siill maintaining ennlml nl' the I elliele.

An in Hating air bag can Heriuuflj" injure small ehildre [1. Always secure children properly in ynur vehicle. To read how. see the purl uflhin‘ manual called “Children“ and the caution label on the right from passenger's safety belt.



Gage Cluster Standard Cluster

There iw :In air hag readiness. ligin Lin. the lllhlt‘LHl'lclll punul. wlliL'Il KILLB'L'UH AlR HAL—L

The whiten] elwfllcs the air hug eleeLrieal 5}‘§ll:[11 lur mulJ'unetmrH. The light iellx you Lt'1hen: is: an electrical pruhlem. See "An' Bug ReflL‘llnu-Hs Light" in the Index I'Ur inure jnlurmuiimt

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