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Special Cleaning thlems

linens} er [1in Stains

Sitting caused by greaee. uil. butter. margarine. Shae polish, coflee with cream. chewing gum. cinematic creams. vegetable oils. wax crayon. tar and asphalt can be renamed ae l‘ellows:

I. Carefully scrape off excess stain.

1. Follow the solvent-type instructions described earlier.

Shoe polish. wax crfij'fln. ter and asphalt will stain if left en a vehicle's seat fabric. They should he remuved as seen as possible. He careful+ hecau se the cleaner will dissolve them and may cause them to spread.

Nun-[ireasy Elaine

Stains caused by catsup. coffee ihlecki. egg. fruit. fruit juice. milk, soft drinks. wine. vomit. urine and bleed can he remained lls follcws:

1. Carefully scrape off Excel-ts stain. then firming:- [he soiled area with cool water.

2. If a stain remains. funnel the ftmm‘type inetmcticms described earlier.


3. li lll'i cider lingers alter cleaning uemit er u1'i rte. treat the area with :1 wateri'haking hedn eelutic-n: I leasptmn {5 ml} ul'haking soda to 1 cup [250mb of lukewamt water.

4. If needed. clean lightly with solvent-UPI: cleaner.

quiiiliinaliun Steins

Stains caused by candy. ice cream. mayonnaise, chill ensue :mi] unknewn Steins can be remeverl as fol laws:

I. Carefully scrape riff excess stein. 1. Clean with ceel water and allow to dry.

3. it" a stain remains. clean it with solvent-type cleaner.

Cleaning ‘lr'inyl Use warm water and El clean cloth.

l Rub with it clean. damp cloth te remove dirt. Yeti mu}; hut-'1: te do it mere than ence.

i Things like mr. asplmlt and shoe [relish will 5min if you tinn‘l gel them all quickly. Use a clean Cloth and a vinylfleaiher cleaner. See yeur dealer for thh pmducl.

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