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3. Remove the illf intake [terse lltul lfi :tituppL-d [H'LT the thrutile hurJy by pulling the hL‘IHC upward and away l'Itini the thrntLlL' hotly which ie Enettlecl nenr Ihe trip uf the engine. After detaching the hose From the [bran]: bud}: pull back the entire rear purt'ten of In air e1eaner by pulling upward and rearward.

4. Replace lhu uir filter. 5. Reinstall the rear section nt' the air cleaner.

6:. Remtaeh Ihe air intake hose by snapping it back onto the Ihmttie body.

Refer in the Maintenance Schedule In determine when to replace the air filter.

See “Se heduletl Maintenance Services" in the Index.


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