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Uthcr Warning Devices

lt'ynu curry rcflcc1ivc trianglcn. ynu can scl unt- up .II tllc hidc uI tllc :I'LrtLIJ uhuut 3t)“ l'ccl |_ 1U“ ml builllltl yum Vehicle.

Jump Starling

lt'your buttery hm run til't'u-L'li'l. y—nu may Wunl m u.-.c tututhcr which: .md Hurnc _|L|-llt]!||..']' cuhln In Htul'l yum

Buick. But plcam: UbL' l|1c following .ylcps In d1] it itLl'clyz

Batteries can hurt you. They can be dangerous hecau 5c:

0 They contain acid lhat can burn ynu. 0 They cuntilin gas that can explndc ur ignite. I Thcy contain cnuugh electricity to burn yuu.

If you don't l’ulluu lhcsc- steps exactly. sonic ur all ul‘theeie thing-i can hurt ynu.


Remcmller Itmt ignnring the-He stun-i cuuld resull

in cut-ill}: damage tn- :mur yehicle lhul Wuullln'l he ciwcrctl liy ynur warranty.

Trying tn start yutlr HuicI-t by pushing ur pulling il wun'l wnrk. and il cIIuII'J damage your l‘Ehiclc.

l. Chcck the mhcr rchiclc. It thI hm-c :I IZ—vnlt lulllcry “1th .‘1 lit-gully: gtulllld \y-ztcnl


lI' Iiw ulllcr Hystctn isn't a I2-I'utt sly-51cm with a negnlite grnund. hath vehiclea' can be ciamugcd.


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