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Lamps Uri Reminder

It you leave the manual headlamp or parking lamp switelt int. remove the key from the ignition and open the driver's door. you will hear a continuous wanting chime. The chime will turn all when [he lamps are lurned oft'.

Daytime Running Lamps

Daytime Running Lamps tDRLi can matte it easier for others it: see the from at your vehicle during the day. DRL can be helpful in many different Ell'l‘vl't'lg conditions. but they can be especially lielpl‘nl in the short periods al'tcrdawn and before sunset,

A light sensor on top ofthe instrument panel ittoltitors

the exterior light levet for the npenirinn of URL and twilight sentinel. so he sure it isn't coveted.

The URL system will make your high-heatn headlamps turn on :iI reduced brightness in daylight when:

U The ignilion is on. U The headlamp switch is ot'l‘and O The transaale is not in PARK tPi.


when the DRL tilt on, only your high—beam headlamps will ht: on. The parking lamps. Iaillaittps. sidemarker and other lamps won‘t he on. Your instrument panel lights won‘t be on either.

When it is dark enough outside. your low when m headlamps will come on. The other lumps that turn on with your headlamps. will also lulTi tin. When ii is bright enough outside. the regular lamps will go off. and your high-Iran] headlamps change in [he reduced brightness Hr URL,

To tutti off all exterior lighting at night when you an: parked. lunt till the headlamps and move the twilight sentinel control all the way toward MIN. The exterior lamps will Tlll'll hack on automatically when you Illl'l‘i'L: the transasle out ot' PARK Il’].

As wilh any vehicle. you should lth'i'l on the regular headlamp system when you need it. Cornering Lamps

The enmerina lamps are designed to turn on when you signal a ttlm. Thi-t will provide more lightlnyr when cornering a! night.

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