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Trunk Lock

To unlock. 111:: trunk from the outside. insert the door key and turn it. You oun also preset the eru- symbol on your remote keylexs

entry transmitter.


Vehicle theft is; big business. especially in HDI‘HL’ cities. Althuugh your Buick hflti a number of theft-deterrent featureu. we know [hut nothing we put on. it ran make it lll'tpnfil-ithlu to steal. However. mun: tu't: ways you

can help.

Key in the Ignition

ll'yo-u luuw: your vehicle with the kcyfi infiidfl. il'fi an easy lat'gel I'orjny ridorh or prttiltfisjttltul thieves -- so don't do it.

when you park your Buiel-t and open the driver‘s door. you'll hettr :t chime reminding you to remove your key from the ignition and take it with you. Always do this. Your nee-ring whool will he lo-eked.at1d so will your ignition uni] antiuxle. And remember to took the doors.

Parking at Night

Park in a lighted spot, Clttst: ull winduwh alttl. tool-z your vehicle. Remember to keep your valuables nu! ol' sight. Put them in a Httfl'flgt: area. or take them with you. Parking Lots

It you park in u lot where xnrnenne will ll'lL‘ watching your vehicle, 1T5 heat to Ioelt it up and take your keys. But what it' you have to learn: your ignition key? What if you have to leave something valuable in your vehicle”?

0 Put your valuable: in a storage area. like your trunk or glove hmt.

0 Lock the glow-e box. I Lot-k all the doors except the driy'er'x.

I Then Luke the door key and remote keyless entry ttttnemitter with you.


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