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Power Door Locks

Pre as Ihe power door lock switch to look or unlock all doors.

The rear doors do not have power door lock switches. The lever on each rear door works only that door’s look. ll won'l look or unlock all the doors.

Lockout Prevention Feature

This feature prevents a driver who has left Ihe key in the vehiule*.~t ignition from looking Ihe doors by using the power door locks while any door is open. The feature works by disabling the power door locks when a ltey is in the ignition and any door is open.

You may override the Lookout Prevention Feature by holding the power duo-1' lock switch in Ihe lock position for more than three seconds while the key is in the ignition and any door is open.

Remember, this [nature can‘t guarantee that you’ll never be locked out of your vehicle. if you use Ihe manual door lock or if you don't leave the key in the ignition. you mull] alill lock your keys il‘lSitJC your vehicle. Always remember to take your keys with you.

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