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Vehicle Identifieatiuu N umber {VIN} Engine ldtntifita'linn The 81h ehtimeter in your VIN is the engine eerie. This-i

ende will help you identify your engine. specifications. - I WI ' and replacenienl parts.

23,2.rt-1=L-_-LI:-'.'..-" r.-:1:I.‘-..-.- -.- Service Parts identification Label ENGINE A? l \U RSSEMBLY You‘ll find [hit-t label tin the undemide ul' lhl: deck lid. CODE MODEL YEAR PLANT It's very helpful if you ever need to tirder pens. On this. label 5:3: This- is the legal identifier for your Butek. It appears on i ytiur VIN.

a plate in the i'mnt etit‘nertii' the instrument panel, UP] lhe . driver‘s side. Yntt can see it ifynu innit through the

windshield from outside your vehicle. The VIN elm ' Pill!“ ifllfll'l'l'l'slilfln anti

appears on Lhe Vehicle Certification and Seruiee Part5 . a list nf all production oplions and labels and the certificates. of title and registration. Hpteiul equipment.

the wide! designaliun.

Be sure that Ihis inhel is not removed [mm the vehicle.

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