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Pull up on the headlamp retainers to release the assembty leeater tubs.

Slide Lht: headlamp assembly DUI uf the sluts.

Lift the piestic leeking tab on the eleetn'eal connector and pull Lht cttnneelu-r from the headlamp hulh socket.

Connect the new headlamp assembly It: me wiring harness. melting sure the eunneetortab snaps into place.

Insert Ihe headlamp into the slots in the fascia.

Slide the letuiners duw I'lWilTLi until they are fully sealed.

Front Parking and Turn Signal Lamp

Remove the hem-[lump assembly. Refer to the remewul procedure earlier in this seetinu.

_ Remus-e rubber bulb eeee 53 cu vet.

_ Twisl and pull the sidemerlter lamp socket from the

headlamp assembly.

l-lultiing the base of the bulb. pull the bulb Frnrtl the sneket,

Push the new bulb inlet the socket.

Put the socket beck mm the headlamp assembi},r and lurn 'iI tn the right unlil it is secure.

Replace the rubber hulh access-t etwer.


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