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Vise? Vflfliif “it‘mrfi Auxilia r3; Power Connection

”Pt‘l'l the in“ er In L‘h‘l‘ll‘rHL‘ the t'nnilgt- |1'|iF.I'Ur.

Ytiut' vehicle i5 equipped with :m nuxiiinry power connection. This l'enlure can he used to add aftermarket electrical equipment to ytiur vehicle.

I1 i». lncitterl t‘rt‘l the pnssenger’ia Hidfl ttl'tltc vehicle. helium the fuse panel. For int'onttatinn on accruing the connection um] eletJLriCttl hookup. please liner to your lr" }'Hlil' vehicle hm. Ihc t‘I]'|1lti|'.Ilti lighted vanity mirrors. serviee manual.

the Imnpk come on when you open the enter.

Adding same electrical equipment In your vehicle can damage it or keep other things from working as they should. This wouldn't he entered by your

warranty. Check with your dealer before adding electrical equipment and never use anything that eat—reeds the fuse rating.

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