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Running Your Engine While You’re Parked

ll'a [wetter nut to park with the engine running. Bul it'you ever have to. here LLI'L' Home things. to know

Idling the engine with the climate euntrul system off eould allou dangerous exhaust. into your vehirle {see the earlier lCaution under

"Engine Exhaust" i.

Also. idling in a closed -in place can let deadly carbon monoxide {CO} intn your vehicle even if Ihe fan swileh is at the highest selling. flue. place this one happen is a garage. Exhaust .. with

CO -- ran come in easily. NEVER park in a garage wllh IIIe engine running.

Another closed-in place can he a blizzard. [See “Bliz‘aard” in [he Indemj

It can he dangerous to get out or your vehicle if the shift lever is not Fully in PARK {P't with the parking brake firmly set. Your vehicle can roll. Don't leave your vehicle when {he engine is

running unless _veu have to. Ifyuu‘ve left the

engine running, lhe vehiele earl rmwe suddenly. "i’ou or others eould he injured. 'E‘o he sure your vehicle won't move, even when you‘re on fairlyr

level gruu rid. always set your parking hra he and move the 5am Ie ver to PA RE IPI.

Follow the proper atepa to he vim: your vehicle won‘t muve. See "Shifting lulu PARK 1?)" in the Index.

II' you are parking on a hill and il'}'t}u're pulling a trailer. also see "Towing :1 Trailer" in the index.


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