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Starting Your Engine

Engines start differently. "Die 3th digit of your 1tu’ehiele Identification Number WTN) shows the code letter or number for your engine. You will find the VIN at

the lop left of your instrument panel. tSee"Vei1it:1e Identification Number“ in the Index.) Follow the proper steps to stain the engine.

Move your shift lever to PARK (P) or NEUTRAL {N}. Your engine won‘t slam in any other position -- that’s a

safety feature. To restart when you‘re aiready moving1 use NEUTRAL {Ni only.

Don't try to shift to PARK (P) if your Buick is moving- If you do, you could damage the trunsexle. Shift to PARK (Pl only when your vehicle is stopped.


Starting Your 2.4 Liter Engine

I. WiI‘J'IGUI pushing the accelerator pedal. tum you: ignition key to START. When the engine starts. lel go of the key. The idle speed will go down as your engine gets warm.


Holding your key in STA RT for longer than

15 seconds at a time will canoe your battery to be drained rnueh sooner. had the excessive heat can damage your starter motor.

2. [fit doesn‘t start right away. and if the weather is very cold {below 40°F or 49°C]. push the accelerator pedal about one—quarter of Ihe Way down while you turn me key to STHRT. Do this until the engine starts. As HINDI! as it does. let go of the key.


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