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Passloek T“

Your vehicle is equipped with the Passlock theft-deterrent system.

Passlock is a passive theft-deterrent system. The system is armed once the key is removed from the ignition. Passlock enables fuel if the ignition lock cylinder is turned with a valid key. It" a correct key is not used. fuel is disabled.

During normal operation. the THEFT SYSTEM light will go oh" after the engine is started. In the unlikely event that the engine stalls and the ”Fl-[EFT SYSTEM light flashes, wait until the light stops flashing before flying to restart the engine. Remember to release the key from the START position as soon as the engine starts. If alter several files the vehicle still does not start. the vehicle may need serviceAIthtsttme you myalsowantmetmekthefnses (sec "Fuses and Circuit Breakers" in the hides}. See your Buick dealer for service.

if the THEFT SYSTEM light comes on while the engine is running. a problem has been detected and the system may need service. Set: your dealer for service.

In an emergency. call the Buick Roadside Assistance Program at l—Btltl—ESE—l t l2.

New Vehicle “Break-1n”

Your modern Buick doesn’t need an elaborate “break-in." But it will perform better in the long run If you follow these guidelines:

I Don‘t drive at any cite spiced -- fast or slow -- for the first Silt] miles {804 km]. Don’t make filli‘ihrflt‘tltt starts.

I Amid making hard steps for the first it'll} miles [322. km) or so. During this time your new brake linings aren’t yet broken in. Hard stops with new linings can mean premature wear and earlier rot-placement. Follow this breaking-in guideline every time you get new brake linings.

Don’t tow a trailer during break -in. See ‘Towtug a 'It'aiter" In the Index for more information.


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