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Q: What if a child is wearing a lap-shoulder belt, but the child is so small that the shoulder belt is very close to the child’s face or neck?

A: Move the child toward the center of the vehicle. but be sure that the shoulder belt still is on the child‘s shoulder, so that in a crash the child's Upper l'ntdy would have the restraint That belts provide. If the child is sitting in a rent seat outside position. see “Rear Safety Belt Comfort Guides“ in the Index. If the child is so small that the shoulder belt is still

very close to the child‘s face or neck. you might

want to place the child in the center seat position. the one that has only :1 lap bolt.

Never do this.

Here two children are wearing the some belt. The belt can‘t properly spread the impact forces. In a crash. the two children can be crushed together and seriously injuned. A. belt must be used by onlyr one person at a time.

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