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Service Bulletins Owner Publications

Service bulletins covering various subjects are regularlyr Buster’s manuals, titer-rain},r lolders and various oivner sent to all General Motors dealerships. GM monitors assistance booklets provide owners with general product perfonnancc in the field, When service methods operation and maintenance information.

are found which promote better service on GM vehicles.

bulletins are created to help the technician perform

better service. Service bulletins ma)r involve so)r

number of vehicles. Some will describe inexpensive

service: others will describe expensive service. Some

will advise of new or unettpecled conditions. and others

may help avoid future costi},r repairs. Service bulletins

are meant for qualified technicians. In some cases

bulletins refer to service manuals1 specialized tools,

equipment and safety procedures nonessen-I to service

the vehicle. Since these bulletins are issued throughout

the model year and beyond. an index is required and

published quarterly to help identifyr specific bulletins.

Subscriptions are available. You can order an index at

the toll-free numbers listed previously, or ask a GM

dealer to see an index or individual bulletin.

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