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Part I): Recommended Fluids and Lubricants

NOTE: Fluid: and lubricants identified EIOWhT name. part number or specification may be obtained from your

GM malfi‘ Hydraulic Brake


Engine oil with the American Petroleum Institute Certified For Gasoline Engines “Starters!” 33mm] of Ihe proper viscmity'. To determine the preferred Viscosity for your vehicle's engine, are: “Engine Oil" in The index.

50.50 mixture of clean Water (prefierelilj.l distilled} and GM Goodwreneh'fi oexeoor.“ tn— Havoiino'm DEX-COOL "‘ {orange-comma. silicate-free} antifreeze conforming to GM Specification 6217M. See “Enginc Coolant" in the index.

Power Steering System

Engine Coolant

Chassis Lubrication

GM Part ND. 3534611 at equivalent with a complete flush and rcfiii.

Deleo Supreme 11“” Brake Fluid (GM Part No. 105335 or equivalent DDT—3 brake fluid}.

GM Power Steering Fluid {GM Part No. 10.52384 - ] pt. lflfiflfll? l (11.. oroquivaient}.

Midfi-Plirgese Lubricant. Superlu'oe {GM Part

No. |234fi141 or equivalent}.

Cit-13m lubricant [GM Part

No. “15249? or equivalent) or lubricant meeting requirements of NLGI Grade 2. Category LB or GC-LB.

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