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How to Wear Salient}r Bells Properly


This part is 01113..r for people of adult size.

Be aware that there are special Ihiogs to know about safer}.-r belts and children. And there are different rules for smaller children and babies. [I a child will be riding

in your Buick. see the part of this manual called "Children." Follow those rules for everyone‘a


First. you‘ll want to know which realism! systems your vehicle has.

We'll start 1arilh the driver position.

Driver Position This pan. describes the driver‘s restraint system. Lap-Shoulder Belt

The dritrer has a lap-shoulder hell. Here‘s how to wear it prowli- 1. Close and lock [lie door.

2. Adjust the seat {to see how. see “Seats“ in the Index} so you can sit up straight.


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