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Your vehicle has an air bag system. Before attempting to do your own service work. see HServicing Your Air Bag-Equipped Buick" in the Index.

You should keep a record with all parts receipts and list the mileage and the date of any service work you perform. Soc "Maintenance Record" in the Index.

You can be injured and your vehicle could be damaged it you try to do service work on a vehicle without knowing enough about it.

0 Be sure you have sufficient knowledge.

experience. and the proper replacement parts and tools before you attempt any vehicle maintenance task.

He sure to use the proper nu ts. bolts and other fasteners. “English" and “metric" fasteners can be easily confused. If you use the wrong fasteners. parts can later break or fall off. You could he hurt.



Use regular unleaded gasoline rated at B? octane or higher, At a minimum. it should meet specifications ASTM D43 l4 in the United States and (3633 3.5— M93 in Canada. improved gasoline specifications have been developed by the American Autumuoiie Manufacturers Association {A AMA} for better vehicle perlhrtnancc and engine protection. Gasoiities meeting the AAMA specification could provide impmyod driveability

and emission control system protection compared to other gasoiines.

Be sure the posted octane is at least 3?. If the octane is less than 8?, you may get a heavy knocking noise when you drive. If it's bad enough. it can dumage your engine.

If you're using fuel rated at 37 octane or higher and you still hear heavy knocking. your engine needs service. But don‘t worry it” you hear a little pinging noise when you're accelerating or driving up a hill. That‘s normal. and you don‘t have to buy a higher octane fuel to get rid of pinging. It's the heavy. constant knock that means you have a problem.

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