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2. Gel. lhr: I[Hehicles close enough in: the jumper cables

can reach. but be sure the vehicles aren‘t touching each other. [1' they are, it could cause :1 ground connection you don't want. You wouldn't be able to start your Buick, and [he had grounding could damage the electrical systems.

You could be injured if the vehicles roll, Set the parking brake firmly on each 1vehicle. Put an automatic transaxle in PARK [P]: or a manual transsxlc in NEUTRAL {N},

. Turn off the ignition on both vehicles. Unplug unnecessary accessories plugged into the cigarette lighter. Turn off all lamps Ihal aren't needed. as well as radius. This will avoid sparks and help save both batteries. In addition. it could save your radio.


If you leave your radio on, it could be liniuiljr damaged. The repairs wouldn‘t he covered by your warranty.

An eiecirie Fan can start up even when the engine

is no! running and can injure you. Keep hands, clothing and tools away from any underlined electric fan.

4. Open the hoods and locale bnlh batteries.

5. Find the posiiive {+1 and negative H terminals on each haltery.

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