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PUSEBU‘I'I'DNS: The six numbered pushbuttons let you return to your favorite stations. You can set up to 18 stations {six AM. six FMI and six Phil].

1. Press AM-FM to select the hand. 2. Find the station you want by using TUNE or SEEK. 3. Press and hold one of the six numbered buttons.

4. The sound will route. Mien it retinas. release the bunon. Whenever you press thin numbered bones. the station you set will return.

1' SCAN: Press this button to listen to each of your preset stations for a few seconds. The radio will go to the first preset station. stop for a few seconds. then go on to the next preset station. Press P SCAN again to stop seaming. If a preset station has weak reception. the radio 1still not stop at the preset station.

Seflhsg the Tune

BASS: Press this lenoh Eighth.r so it extends. Tum the lamb to increase or decrease bass. The middle position is a detent.

TREE: Press this button iighlly so it extends. 'i‘um the knob to increase or decrease treble. The middle position is a detent.

Push the knobs bank in when you are not using them.

Adjusting the Speakers Eli-95L: Turn the eonn'o] behind the upper knob to more

the sound to the left or right Speakers. The middle position is a detent and balances the speakers.

FADE: Tom the oonn'ol behind. the lower knob to move the sound to the float or rear speakers. The middle position is a detent and balances the speakers.

Playing a [Iassefle Tape

The longer side with the tape visible should face to the right. Lfthe ignition is on. but the radio is off. the tape will begin playing. Ifyoru hear nothing or hear a garbled sound. the Lupe may not he in squarely. Press EJ'ECT to remove the tape and start over.

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