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Temperature Knob

The center knob changes the lernperature of the air coming through the system. Turn this knob toward red {clockwise} for warmer air. Tum it toward blue

toounterclooltwi selI for cooler air.

Mode Knob

The right knob has several settings to control the direelion of airflow. For each setting, set the temperature to a comfortable setting. When the right control knob is turned to OFF. the fan and the heating and cooling system will be off.

m: This setting provides maximum cooling with the least amount of work. MAX recirculates the air inside your t.tehioie+ and cools the air quickly. Adjust the temperature control to a cold setting.

NORM: This sorting will circulate cooled fresh air through the vents.

BI-LE 'r’: This setting allows the outside air to flow through your Buick in two ways. Cooler air is directed to the upper portion of your body through the vent outlets. Slightly warmer air is directed through the heater ducts and defroster outlets.

VENT: Llsinj,I 1It'EN'l" will allow outside air to flow through the instrument panel outlets.

HTR: This setting sends most of the air through the heater ducts. Adjust the temperature control to a warm

setting. if you have the engine coolant heater. you can use it in cold Weather [ZQDFH-EDC or lower} to heat your

vehicle‘s passenger area quicken The engine coolant heater warms the engine coolant which will ultimately

warm the passenger area more efficiently. [See “Engine Coolant Heater“ in the [noes-J

BLEND: This setting divides the airflow equally between the heater and the defroster outlets.

(it? FRDN'I‘: This setting operates the defroster. Most of the air comes oul near the windshield. Use this setting when you get for; or ice on the windshield.

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