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The console pmvldes space for hnlding a eep er sell Your vehicle may have a convenience neL You’ll see it dn'nk. Tn access [he euphelderl pull the lid fnrward. jusl inside lhe baek wall of lhe trunk. Put small leads.

1 like gmeery bugs. behind the net. It can help keep them Rear Seat Euphuldcr [mm falling over during sh erp [urns or quick Starts and The eenserle provides space for hnlding a cup UT Suj'L eleps. The neL isn‘t for larger. heavier leads. Store them drink fine the rear passengers as well. Tn ueeexs 1m- ”1 the 17'4"" 55 fl“ WWW-l 35 3’0" Cflfl-‘YOU ean enheek euphelder. pull me 1'th downward. the met so that I! ml] [[62 flat when you re net mung. It.

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