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Electmchmmic Mil-rut (Upfiun)

Your Buick may huw: an automatic inside mirror.

Duri mg lhn: day it Works like a mgufflr mirmr. but u: nigh! il adjusLu for It”: glam: nf headlamps: hchind you. Th1: mirrur delays hefnre switching fmrn day In night mudu. This change may lake a few secnnds. This-1 delay pmvunlh rapid changing uflhe mirm-r :15: you drive under lights and Ihruugh Lrafl'lc.


Unfflfi' Swilltll

Pre 55 thus switch located at [he base of the mirror Lu mm [In 1hr.- aIJLn-dirnrning feature. Fri-Ass 1! again In Iurn nil”.

Reverse Gear Day MIME

When Lhc: shift law!" is placed in REVERSE. (IRJ, L11: mirror changcs lo 111: daytime rum-dc far n 1311' 3:1: imflgt in 1hr: mirrur :15 you but}; up.

Cleaning FhulDtEIli

L'sc- u conun HWELIH and glass clcsmcr 1+.) clam me from and war phony-cells ma: main: I11:- elveciruchmmjc mirror work.

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