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Interior Lamps

Delayed Illuminated Entryr Without Keyless Entryr System

1When you open the door1 the intoxior courtesy iamps will turn on. These lamps. will go off automatically after about 40 seconds. or when the ignition is turned on. The}-r make it easy for you to enter and leave the vehicle. You also can turn these lamps on by rotating the LIGHTS switch all the way to the left.

Delayed Illuminated Entry With the Keyiess EntryI System

As tong as the doors are closed and the ignition is off:

I If you press the UNLOCK button on the Kepless Entry.r transmitter. the interior temps wiil come on for ehoul 30 seconds or until you start your engine.

I H you press the DOOR button on the Keyless Entry,r transmitter. the interior lamps will come on for about two seconds.


Front Reading Lamps

Front seat reading lamps are turned on by pressing the switches located on the rem-view mirror.

Rear Reading Lamps

These courtesyf temps turn on when you open the doors.

' To turn on the reading lamps when the doors are closed. press the top of the switch. Press the bottom of the switch to turn them off.

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