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When it's dark enough whine. your low—beam

headlamps will change to full brightness. The other lamps that come on with your headlamps will also come on.

We it's bright enough outside the regular lamps will go off, and your low-beam headlamps change to reduced brightness of URL.

To idle your vehicle with the DRL nEl', apply your parking brake before taming on the ignition. Once you release the parking brake, the DRL cannot be turned off as long as the ignition is on.

As with an}.r vehicle, you should turn on the regular headlamp system when you need it.

r[-"t't'ilighl: Sentinel {Upfinn}

The twilight sentinel control below your LIGHTS swi Ieh turns you: headlamps on and off automatically by sensing how dark it is DutsidE.

To operate in leave Ihe LIGHTS switch off and move

the twilight sentinel eontml to an}r position but off. (“The off position is when the white that en the switch is rotated all the way to the left.)

II you move the control all the way In the right. your lamps will remain on for three minutes after you turn the ignition off. If you move the enntml toward the left. the lamps will go off quickly when you tum the ignition off. You can change Ith tiela}r time from one second to four minutes. When the twilight sentinel is mined off. use your LiGHTS switch to operate the headlamps.

The twilight sentinel works with the light sensor on top of your instrument panel. Don‘t cover it up. If you do. it 1will read “dark“ and your lempe will come on.


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