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Setting Cruise Control

Ifyou loan: your cruise control switch on when

Jum'le not lL‘ill'lg cruise, you might hit a button and go into emise when you don’t want to. You could he startled and even lose control. Keep the cruise euntnil switch OFF until you wan! to use it.

1. Move I111: emiHe control HWilCh [L'I- UN.

2. Get up to- IJ'u: speed you want.

3. Push in the SET button at Ihe end of me lever and release it.

4. Take your fool off the accelerator pedal. 2-34

Resumiug a Set Speed

SUFPEIHC you set your cruise cuntml :11 a desired speed and then you oppiy the brake. This. of course. shoe. off the cruise control. But you don’t need to resel it.

Once you‘re going about 25 mph tat-0 knu'h) or more. you eon move the eruise control switch li'urn 0N Lu Rm {Resumefheeelemlel for nboul half a second.

You'll gr: righl hock up to your chosen speed and may there.

Lucreasiog Speed While Ustog Cruise Control There are two “4:135 to go to a higher speed:

0 Use the accelerator pedal to get to the higher speed. PRESS-t the huttnn ET. the end nl'lhe lever, then release IJ'Le button and the aeeelereler pedal. You'll new cruise at Ihe higher speed.

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