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Cruise Control

With cruise conLroL you can maintain a speed nf rib-nu:

25 mph (40 mm or more 0 Cruise control can be dangerous when: you .‘ without keeping your foul can't drive safely at a steady speed. So, ' on IhL'. accelerator. This can don‘t use your cruise control on winding F331"? '131F' ”11 1”“3 mp5- roads or in heavy traffic.

Guise WNW] 51035 "01 Cruise control can be dangerous on

.' - work 3' speeds below about slippery roads. On such roads, fast changes I 25 mph {40 ML in tire tmction can cause needless wheel

spinning, and you could lose control. Don‘t

use cruise control on slippery roads.

When you apply ycmr brakes. the cruise control shuts off.

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