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Windshield Washer

At the top (if the multifunction lever there's a paddle Iwith the ward PUSH on it. Te spray washer fluid en the 'Ittt'iI1:I.‘isi'lit:'.ltl1 push the paddle. Spraying will curltinue as lung as the paddle is heid. The wipers will clear

the window and time either step or return to your

preset speed.

In freezing weather, don‘t use your washer until

the windshield is warmed. Otherwise the washer Fluid can form ice on the windshield. blocking your vision.

Wagon Rear Window WasheriWiper

Fifi-'1“ REH’l "HFE I‘l 'I'I'lu'Ew'H 'ul'ilNE‘G l‘t

Press the top of the REAR WiPER—WASH switch to turn an the rear wiper. Press the bottom at the switch to turn it elf.

Te Spray windshield washer fluid un the rear window. press the trip of the switch until the rear wiper turns (in. Then press the [up of the switch further. Washer fluid will start tn spray after a cuuple (if secrtntis and L‘tll'llll'ilJB as long as ynu held the switch. When you release the switch, the wiper will remain nn until ynu turn it off by pressing the hettem ef the switch.

The rear window washer fluid crimes I'm-m the windshield washer reservoir.

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