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'fl'ilt Wheei Turn Sign”thfiul’tif'uuclinn Lever

A ti]: steering wheel allows 3m: to adjust the slanting The lever on the left side of the steering column wheel befom you dri v2. includns your:

You can also raise it to the highest level tn give your I Turn Signal and Lam: Change Indicator lags mom mum when you cm and enter the vehicle. . Hcadlamp HighfLow Beam Changer

Tn ml the wheel, hnld Ihe steering whm! and pull [11¢ Ievzr {award you. Move the slum-mg wheat to a cumfnrlahle level. then 11:12:21.5: Lhc 1:: var La 10C]; lhc wheel in place.

Windshield ‘Wlpers ‘Wlndshield Washer Cruise Control {Upliun‘J

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