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The switch for the driver‘s window has an express-down feature. Pull The AU'ID switch back all the way, ()nce engaged, release it and the window will lower ali the way. To stop the window from lowering. press the switch forward. To raise the window, press the swiwh forward.

There are individual switches near each window. The driver has :1 look out switch. Press LOCK to disable the power window switches. This will prevent passengers from opening and closing the. windows. The driver can still control all of the windows with the switch in the locked position. Press UNLOCK to restore normal operation to all passenger window switches.


Wagon Rear 1ii'ent Windows

in the rear area. there is a vent window on each side of the vehicle.

To open. lift the latch and push out. To close. pull in and back on the latch.


To sound the: horn, press the pad with the horn symbol on either side iii" the sleeri rig wheel,

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