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It can he dangerous to get. out of your vehicle if the shift lever is net full}I in PARK (P) with the parking brake firmly set. Your vehicle can roll. Dnn’t leave your vehicle when the engine is

running unless you have to. If you‘ve left the engine running, the vehicle can move suddenly. You or others could be injured. Tu he sure your vehicle won’t move. even when you’re an fairly level ground, always set your parking brake and move the shift lever to PARK (P).

Ftilhiw the proper xleps 1:: he sure yuur vehicle Wun't Him-e. See “Shifting intn PARK 1P1" in the Index. IFynu are parking m1 :1 hill and ii'j'uu're pulling at 1r:|iier. HIKE) see “Timing :1 Trailer" in the index.


Power Winduws

The puwer windows controls are on the driver's annrest. The}; cnntml each of the {nut windnwt-i. Tu ”pen :1 wiiidew. move the switch Inward DN. Tn elm“: it. thI: the switch toward LIP.


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