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Shifting Out of PARK {P} Parking Over Things That Burn

Your Buick has n brake-transmission shift interlock. Yuu have to fully {mph- yuur regular brakes before you can shift from PARK {P1 when me igniliun is in Ihc RUN position. See "£11anch Transmission Dperation” in the Index.

If you cannot shift out of PARK (P), ease pressure on the shift lever -- push the shift lever all the W13,-r into PARK. {P} as yuu maintain brake application. Then move Ihe shift ieve’r Emu the gear you want. If yuu never hold the brake pedal down but still can‘t ahifi. {JIII of PARK [P]- "3" this:

I. Turn the key In Lhe I3FF pusiIifln.

2. Apply and hold U1: brake unfit the end of Step 4. 3. Shift to NEUTRAL {N}.


_ Stan Ihe engine and then shift to flame drive gear you want.

5. Have the vehicle fixed as sum: as yuu can.

Things that can burn could touch llnl exhaust

parts under your vehicle and ignite. Don’t park [WET papers, leaves, dry grass or other things that can burn.


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