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Leaving Your Vehicle With the Torque Lurk

Engl |1e Ru "mug If you are parking on a hill and you don't shift your IranSmiss-ion into PARK [Pl properly. the weight of the vehicle may put too much force on. lhe parking pawl in the transmission. You may find it dilfioult to pull the shift lever out of PARK {P}. This is called “torque lock." To prevent torque lock. set Lilo parking brake and [hen shift into PARK {Pl properly before you leave the driver‘s seat. To find out how, see “Shifting tote

with the parking brake firmly set. And, if you FfiRK [P] no [he Index.

leave the vehicle with the engine running, it oould ‘When W“ ”-“3 ”will“ [ll dl'i W- 1110"“ ”“3 Shift It“? 0"” overheat and even catch fire. You or others could of PARK lPl Mfg” you “313"” the Parkmg hm“:-

he inj urod. Don’t leave your vehicle with the If torque look does occur. you may need to have another engine running unlesa you have to. vehicle push yours a Little uphill to Take some of the pressure from the transmission. so you can poi] the Shift lever out of PARK (Pl.

It can he dangerous to leave your 1vehicle with the engine running. Your vehicle could more suddenly if the shift lever is not fully in PARK {P}

”you have to loan-e your which: Willi the engine running. be sure your vehicle is in PARK {P} and your parking brake is firmly SEI het'ore you leave it. After you‘ve moved the shift lever into the PARK (Pl position hold the regular brake pedal down. Thom so: if you can move the shift le Her away From PARK tP} without first pulling it toward you. If you can. il means that the shift lever wasn‘t fully locked into PARK {Pt

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