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FIRST (1): This; [itih'ilitm gives you even more power ihul lower fuel economy] than SECOND [2}. You can use it on very steep hills, or in deep snow or mud, II' the shift lever is put in FiRSTt i t. the Lrantoaissiou won‘t xhif L into first gear until the vehicle is going slowiy enough.


If your rear w heels can‘t rota'lB. don't [Ty it] drive. This might happen if you were stuck in very deep sand or mud or were up against a solid obj eel. You could damage your transmission. Alum. if you stop when going uphill, don‘t hold your vehicle then: with only the neceiemtur pedaL This could overheat and damage the transmission. Use your brakes or shift into PARK [P] to hold your vehicle in pmiliun on a hilL

Limited-Slip Rear Axle (Option)

If you have this feature. your rear axle can give you additional uactiou on snow. mud. ion. xund or gravel. It works like a standard axle moat of the Time. but when one of [hu rear wheels has no traction and the outer does. the limited—slip feature will allow the wheel with Indian in move Lite vehicle.

Parking Brake

To set the parking brake. hold the regular brake pedal down with your right fool. Push clown the parking brake pedal with your left foot. Il‘LhI: iguiLiOn is one the brake system Warning light will come on.

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