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we: Huink Special

Bull! inside me walls of [be old buildings.- in Buiek‘s former Flint L'flrnplex, which I'nrrncd the Eiimeretune of General} Motors, Buick City is :1 state—n f—Lhe-art assembly fueiiily with more than 200 who“: and other highelech equipment. II was cnmplewd in line faII

ui‘ ILJES.

Euieks are, and wiil en ntinue In he. premium American mum-can wilh smnnlh power. hi gh performance, rich detail and cnmfor‘tahle accommodation.

Ed Merle. Genera! Manager Buick Molar Division

Uur miesinn is eimple:

"Buick will prnvide Premium American Mummers backed with sen'ices that exceed our eustumers‘ expectations. throughout the purchase. ownership. service and repurchase experience."

Buick: are SLJEISTANTIAL. Buick: are DISTINCTI VE. Buicks are m‘n’VrERFU-L. Buick}; are MATURE.


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