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2. If your engine still Won‘t start (or starts but then stops}. it could be flooded wifl1 Lfl-[l- much gasoline. ‘l‘ry pt: slung your accelerator pedal all the way to the floor and holding it there :15 you hold the key in START for about three seconds. If the vehicle starts hriel‘ly hut Ihen stopa agaim do the some thing1 but

Engine Coolant Heater (Dptionl

In very cold weather, [1W ta13°C1 or colder. the engine coolant heater can help. You'll get easier slurting and hotter 1‘ uel economy during engine warm-up. Usually. the coolant heater should be plugged in a minimum of

this time keep the pedal down for five or sir. seconds.

This clears the extra gasoline from the engine.

Your engine is designed to work with the electronics in your vehicle. If you add electrical parts or accessories. you could change the way the engine operates. Before adding elecll'ical

equipment. check with your dealer. If you don’t, your engine might not perform properly.

If you ever have to have your vehicle towed. see the part of this manual that tells how to do it

without damaging your vehicle. See “Towing ‘l’our Vehicle” in the Index.

four hours prior to homing your vehicle.

Tn Ilse the (.‘nnlunt Heater

|. Turn off the engine.

2. Open the hood and unwrap the electrical cord.

3. Plug it into a. normal. grounded llll-volt AC outlet.

Plugging the cord into an ungroundcd outlet could cause an electrical shock. Also. the own: kind of oxlonslon cord could overheat and cause

a fire. You could be seriously injured. Plug the cord into :1 properly grounded three-prong llflrvolt AC outlet. If the cord won‘t reach. use a heavy-duly lhr‘erpmng ex'lensiu-n cord rated Fur at least 15 amps.


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