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If you aecidentaily use a keg..- than has a damaged or

miss in g resistor pellet. the starter wnn’t wnrk anti the PASS KEY light will come on. But you don’t have to wait three minutes before trying anulher igniljnn key.

See your Buick dealer or a locksmith whn can service The PASS-Key II to have :1 new key made.

If ynu’n: ever driving and and the PASS KEY light came: on and Hays on. you will be able Lu restart yuur engine if you turn it ”IT. Your PASS—Key II system, however, is not wnrking properly and must be serviced

by your Buick dealer. Your vehicle is not protected by the PASS-Key II system.

if you Ease or damage a PASS-Key Ll ignition key. see ynur Buick dealer or :I locksmith who can sen-rice PASS—Key I] In have a new key made.


New Vehicle “Break-In"


Your modern Buick dlMEH-Il’t need an elaborate “braille-in." But it will perform better in the long run if you follow these guidelines:

0 Keep your speed at 55 mph [33 knifh) or less fur Lhe first 5M miles [80¢ km].

0 Don‘t drive at any we speed -- fast or slow —— fur the first 500 miles [804 km]. Don't make fullhlhrnitle starts.

I Avoid making hard strips fer the Hun 2"" miles [321 km} or 50. During this time your new brake linings aren't yet broken in. Hard stops with new linings can mean premature wear :md earlier replacement. Follow this breaking-in guideline every time ynu gel new brake liningii.

a Half! law It trailer during break—in.

Sec “Towing 3 Trailer” in the Index for

man: infnmatinn.

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