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If the tailgate on your vehicle does not open as it drop-gate. it rna}I not be fully Ietehed as a door. You: GATE MAR light will be on if we tailgate isn‘t eorttpleteljl.r closed as a door.

The tailgate is designed not to open as :1 drop-gate when it is already open as a door. Also. the tailgate will not open as a door when it is already open as a drop—gate. Cheek to see if the tailgate is unlocked, then open and close it as a door until the low er latch eloses. and the GATE MAR light goes out.

You can lock the tailgate by inserting the oval key in the lock and turning it clockwise or pressing down on the leek control near the passenger end of the tailgate. To close the window. pull it down against the tailgate and press Iirrnly until it latches.

Remote Tailgate Release {Wagon}


Press the top of the REAR WLND-DW switch to unlock the rear Window only when the vehicle is in PARK {P} or NEUTRAL {N}. You enn aim unloelt die rear window

by using the oval key in the lock near the window. This also unlocks the tailgate.


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