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Trunk Remote Trunk Release

The security switch in the glove box must he ON [or the TRUNK hulHJ-III lu- Work.

When ll'lL‘. trunk Hoeurily .tn-‘itch it; turned CrF'F1 the trunk can only he opened with the key or the optional

It can be dangerous to drive with the trunk lid open because turban monoxide {CO} go: can come into your vehicle. You can’t see or smell

CD. It can cause unennsciniutueaa and even death. Remote KL'VILJHS- En Ln-

Il’you must drive with the trunk lid open or ii' systlem. eleetrieal wiring or other cable connections must pane through the seal hetween the body and the

trunk lid: The 'i'RLIN K button is to

- the left of the steering column. Press it to open the trunk i'mm inside your vehicle.

0 Make sure all windows are shot.

0 Turn the fan on your healing or cooling system to its highest speed 1with the setting on VENT. That will force outside air into your ‘lI'EhitIIE. Ere-e “Comfort Controls” in the

Index. 0 ll'you have air outlets on or under the instrument panel, opt-n thern all the way.

See- “En gine Exhaust“ in the Index.

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