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Securing a Child Restraint in the Center Rear Seat Pusitiert

You'll be using the lap lie-IL

A ehild in a child restraint in the center [rent seat can he heartilyr injured by the right front passenger

5. Te tighten the belt. pull up en the shnutder belt while air bag if it inflates. Never secure a child restraint you push dawn en the child restraint. in the center front seat. It's always better to

ti, Push and pull the ehiid restraint in different secure a child restraint in the rear seat. Ynu may, directions to he sure it is secure. however, secure a forward-facing child restraint

Tn remove the ehiid restraint. just unbuckle the vehicle‘s "1 fl": right me passenger ML but only “1‘"

safetyr belt and let it go back all the way. The safetyr belt “39 93‘“ moved all the “'33” back.

Iwill rue-re freely again and be read},- te work for an adult

or larger child passenger. See the earlier part about the top strep if the child

restraint has fine.


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