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Child Restraints

Be Sure the child restraint is designed to he used in a vehicle. if it is. it wilt have a label saying that it meeLs Federal Mute-r Vehicle Safety Standards.

Then fellnw the instructions for the restraint. "t’uu may find lites: instmelicins on the restraint itselfer in :1 hsrnklet. er hath. These restraints use [he belt system in your vehicle. but the child else- has in be secured within

the restraint Lu help reduce die chance of persona] injury.

The instructinns that enme with the infant or child restraint win show you how to do that.

Where to Put the Restraint

Accident statistics show that children are safer if Ihey are restrained in the rear rather than the tram seat. We al General Meters therefore recnrn mend that you put yeur child restrainl in the rear seat. Never put a rear—Peeing child restraint in the Front passenger seat. Here’s why:

A child in a rear-Facing child restraint can be seriously injured if the right front passenger’s air bag inflates. This is because the hacit ofa rear-facing child restraint meld he very close to

the inflating air bag. Always secure a rear-facing child restraint in the rear seat.

You may. however. secure a forward-facing child restraint in the right ant seal. Brian: yin] secure a forward-facing child restraint. always more the Front passenger seat as far back as it will go. Or. secure the child restraint in the rear seat.

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