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Everyone in a vehicle needs protection! That includca infants and all children smaller than adult size. In fact.

‘i’ou can be seriously hurt ii’ your shoulder belt is the law in every state in the Uniled States and in every um loose. In a emit, you would move forward Canadian province says children up to some age must he too much. which could increase injury. The mflmjmd while i“- 3 vehicle.

shoulder belt should fit against your body.

Smaller Children and Babies

Smaller children and babies should always be restrained in a child or intent mil-hint. The instructions for the restraint will say whether it is the right type and size for your child. A very young child‘s hip hunt-e are so small that a

regular belt might not stay low on the hips. as it should. mete-ad. the hell will likely he over the child's abdomen. In a crash, the belt would apply force right on the child’s abdomen, which could cause serious or fatal injuries. So, he sure that any child small enough for one is always property restrained in a child or infant restraint.

Tu uuiatch the belt just push the button on the buckle.


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