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3. Te- make the lap part tight. pull dew an the buckle The Lap part of the belt shnulci be worn low and snug on

end til the bell. as you pull up on Ihe shoulder pan. Ihe hips, just mehing the thighs. In a crash. [his applies 13.1mm Lhe slmng pehic bones. And you‘d be less likelyI

to slide under the lap belt. LI" you slid under ii, Ihu belt would apply force at your abdomen. This could cause serious or even fatal injuries. The slmulde: belt shnuld go over the shoulder and acmss the chest. These parts of [he hotly are been able to lake hell restraining fumes.

The safety belt locks il' Lhere‘s a sudden slap ur a crash, in" if you pull the bell very quickly nut hi the retractur.

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