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Safety BE“ USE During PrEgflflfllfl‘V A pregnant weman should wear a lap-shoulder belt, and * the lap premier: Should be worn as low as possible. below

Safeg- hells work fur everyene. ineiuding pregnant the rounding. mughflm the pregnancy. women. Like all occupants. they are more likel}r to be _ _ Smuusly injured if they don't wear safer}. belts. The beet way In pmteel the terus Is to protect the

mother. When a safety belt is worn properly, it's more likelyr that the fetus won’t be hurl: in a crash. For pregnant women, as For anyone, the Ice}.r to making safety belts effective is; wearing them prope rly.

Right ant Passenger Pesitien

The right front passenger‘s safety belt work; the same way as the driver‘s 3:11"er belt. See “Driver Position." earlier in this sec-Lien.

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