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Air bags are designed to work only in moderate to severe crashes where the front of your vehicle hits

mmething. 'l‘hey aren’t designed to inflate at all in

mllm-er. rear. side or low-speed frontal crashes. Eyen'one in your vehicle, including the driver, should wear a safety belt properly whether or not there’s an air hag for that person.

An inflating air bag can seriously injure small children. Always secure children properly in your vehicle. To read how. see the part of this manual called “Children" and the caution label on the right fi'oat passengefls safety halt.

Air bags inflate with great force, faster than the blink of an eye. IFyou‘re too close to an inflating air bag. it could seriously injure you. Safety belts

help keep you in poaitinn for an air hag inflation in a crash. Always wear your safety hell, even with an air bag. The driver should sit as l'ar hack as possible while slit] maintaining control of the yahicle.

'l'here is an air bag readiness light on the instmment panel. which shows AIR BAG.


The Hy'smrn Checks the air hug‘i. electrical xystern fur malfunctions. The light lens you if there is an eleelric :1] problem. See “Air Bag Readiness Light“ in the Index for more information.


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