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Tu mutate}: the hall, just paid] the hutlnn 011 the hucklc. The bell should go back out of the way.

Before you chose the door. he sure the belt is out of the way. if you slam the deer on it. you can da mage both the belt and your vehicle.

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Supplemental Restraint System (SR8)

This pan explains file Suppiememai Restraint System {SR8} fir air bag system.

Your Buick has two air bags —— one air bag fur the clri ver and another air bag for the right front passenger.

Here are the level impurLanl things- m knuw aheul the air bag system:

You can be severely injured or killed in a trash if you aren’t wearing your safety belt ,_ even if you have an air bag. Wearing 3'er safety belt during a

crash helps reduce your chance of hitting things inside the vehicle or being ejected From it. The air bag is uniy a “mppiemental restraint.” That is, it works with safety belts but doesn‘t replace them. CitUTIGN: IICIEIIntinueI:liI

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