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Steering Column Luck Check

While parked, and with 111:: parking bruise eel, Ir_v In turn the key to LUCK in each shih lever position.

0 The key should turn re LUCK only when the shill lever is in PARK {P}.

i The Ice}' should come our only in LOCK.

Parking Brain: and flutnmatic Transmission PARK {P} Mechanism Check

When 3cm an: lining [his check. yum- vehicle could begin lo rueve. You or others could be

injured and property could be damaged. Make sure then: iii mum in l'r'u-nt ni'ynur vehicle in case it begins lo roll. Be ready lo apply Ilse regular brake at once should the vehicle begin to rmwc.

Paris: or] a fairly steep hill. with the vehicle facing downhill. Keeping your feet on the regular brake, set the

parking brake.

0 Te cheek 111: parking brake: With Ihe engine running and transmission in NEUTRAL {N}. slowly remove

the: pressure from the regular brake pedal. De Lhis until the vehicle is held by the parking brake only.

0 To check 1.11s: PARK {P} meehsnism's holding ability: Shift [u PARK {P}. Then release all brakes.

Underhudv Flushing Service

AL least every spring, use plain water In Ilush uny cenesive materials from the underherlv. Take care to clean firemughlv any areas where mud and other debris can enllecr.


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