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Starter Switch Cheek

When you are doing this check. the vehicle wait! more suddenly. If it does. 3mm nr others could be injured. Follow the steps below.

Brake-Transmissinn Shift Interlock (BT31) Cheek

When you are doing [his check the vehicle cuuld move suddenly. If it does, you or nthm could be injured. Follow the steps beluw.

l. Before you start. he sure you have ennugh mum around the vehicle.

2. Firmly apply both die parking brake [see “Parking Bra late“ in the Index if necessary) and 1118 regular brake.

NOTE: Do not use the ace eleramr pedal. and b0

ready tr.- turn off the en g'me immediater if it starts.

3. Try LU- start 111: engine in each gear. The starter should work only in PARK {P} err NEUTRAL {N}. [f the starter wnrks. in an}.[ tJ-Lhcr pflfiillfl-ll, your vehicle needs service.


1 .


Before yuu start. he sure you have enough team around the vehicle. It Hhuult] be parked utr 3 level surface.

l‘inlil? apply the parking brake true-e "Parking Brakc" in IJIE index if necessary].

NOTE: Be ready to apply the regular brake immediately if the vehiele begins to move.

With the engine 1111'. turn the key to the RUN position. but don‘t start Ihe engine. Without applying, the regular hra ke, try to more flit: illii l'1. lever out {if PARK {Pl with normal efl'url. ll' Lhe shifl lever mover. nut nf PARK {P}, jinn: vehicle‘s HTS]

needa service.

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