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35,000 Miles {125 000 km) 82,500 Miles (13? 500 km) El Change engine oil and finer {or everyr [:1 Change engine oil and filter {or every 12 months, whichever occurs first). 12 months, whichever occurs first]. An Emission Control Service. * An Emission Centre! Service. * El Lubricatc the suspension, steering linkage, El Luhflcate the suspension, steering ltnkage.

° . rkin brake guides, tintierlrititl}I contact parking brake guides. underlie-ti},f contact P31 3 . points and linkage (or every,r 12 months, 1301““ and linkage (01 “”3" 12 “1011‘:th

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inthe Index. Forproperrctafionpanemand additional infmnstion. During tire rotation. cheek brake calipers for freedom of movement and lubricate if required.

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